ServicesPrice (Egyptians)*Price (non-Egyptians)**
Biological Sample300 L.E.$110
Non-biological Sample250 L.E.$80
Elemental microanalysis for non-biological sample (EDS)240 L.E.$75
EDS Mapping1000 L.E.$500
Coating50 L.E. $10
Every Additional Picture 10 L.E.$5


Working to make the unit one of the most important tools for developing scientific research for various disciplines and working to spread the microscopy technology through education and training for researchers, students and industry.


To be one of the most modern units worldwide in terms of equipment, expertise, and the quality and accuracy of the obtained results.


To organize general and specialized training courses for students, researchers and industry workers at regional level. Contribute to supporting the educational process in the area of the electron microscopy. Provide the necessary services to companies and industry. Support and develop scientific research in the Egyptian and regional universities and research centers. Become leaders in testing and analyzing micro samples at the nanoscale level as well as in biological and non-biological disciplines. Offer consultation services to the scientific community locally and regionally.