About Us

About the electron microscope unit and our values


Working to make the unit one of the most important tools for developing scientific research for various disciplines and working to spread the microscopy technology through education and training for researchers, students and industry.


To be one of the most modern units worldwide in terms of equipment, expertise, and the quality and accuracy of the obtained results.


To organize general and specialized training courses for students, researchers and industry workers at regional level. Contribute to supporting the educational process in the area of the electron microscopy. Provide the necessary services to companies and industry. Support and develop scientific research in the Egyptian and regional universities and research centers. Become leaders in testing and analyzing micro samples at the nanoscale level as well as in biological and non-biological disciplines. Offer consultation services to the scientific community locally and regionally.


About the Unit

The electronic microscope and molecular imaging unit at Mansoura University is a unit of a special nature located in the "and" building of the Faculty of Agriculture, and it was inaugurated on 3/10/2013 at a cost of about 7 million pounds, to be considered the most recent unit at the level of Egyptian universities, which serves scientific research at the university and outside it as well Industrial institutions in Egypt and the Arab region in various fields include nanotechnology, physics, materials science, and semiconductors, in addition to biological sciences in its various branches such as the science of studying microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, and various tissue cells in the faculties of agriculture, medicine, science, veterinary medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy.

The unit includes two main devices, one of which is the SEM electron microscope to photograph the samples tested from the surface and gives high-quality and clear stereoscopic images. It can work under vacuum and used in all physical, biological, industrial applications, mining, soil analysis, raw materials and crystallography as well as plant and animal tissues. It is provided with an element analysis device using X-rays. Which allows to make a comparison between the proportions of the elements in the sample with the illustration, and the second is the TEM electron microscope. To photograph the samples from the inside with a magnification of one and a half million times, which enables the researcher to examine the details of the sample with high accuracy, as well as 20 complementary devices for the basic microscope. In addition to the Zeta Analyzer device, which is used to measure the size of the particles, their weight, the electrical charge on them from abroad, and the rheological properties. This is useful in drug research in the pharmacy faculties and in the fields of engineering, science and agriculture.

The unit performs its services to all researchers in various specialties in scientific colleges, research centers and industrial institutions.

Our Team

Prof. Dr. Yasser Shabana
Personal Website
Dr. Reham Shams Eldeen
Specialist (TEM)
Dr. Khaled Ibrahim
Specialist (Zeta Analyzer, Sample Processing)
Basem Tawfik
Specialist (SEM ، Zeta Analyzer)
01118254701 - 01116845186
Dr. Mahmoud Hasan
Specialist (TEM)
Dr. Mohamed Ali Shaheen
Specialist (SEM ، Zeta Analyzer)
Salma Osama Khalid Ghanim
Specialist (Ultramicrotome)
Hager Ali Dewedar
Specialist (Ultramicrotome)
Khadiga Hassan
Specialist (SEM, Zeta Analyzer, Sample Processing)
Salma Kassem
Specialist (Ultramicrotome)

Scientific Consultant

Dr Awni
Prof. Dr. Awni Hassan Ibrahim Yaseen

Head of the Histology Department - Faculty of Medicine - Mansoura University, a scientific consultant for the unit in the field of preparing and examining living tissues by a transmissive electron microscope

Dr Zak
Prof. Dr. Zakaria Awad Mohamed Baka

Full-time Professor - Department of Botany - Faculty of Sciences - Damietta University - Scientific Consultant for the unit in the field of examining plant living materials by scanning and window electron microscopy

Dr maher
Prof. Dr. Maher Mahmoud Saad

Full-time Professor - Department of Physics - College of Science - Mansoura University - Scientific Consultant for the unit in the field of examining inanimate matter by scanning electron microscope

Dr Mohamed
Dr. Mohamed Mostafa Ibrahim Mostafa

Lecturer - Department of Pharmaceutics - College of Pharmacy - Mansoura University - Scientific Consultant for the unit in the field of measurements in the voltage analyzer Zeta

Dr Fekry
Prof. Dr. Fikri Mohamed Hassan Resha

Full-time Professor - Department of Physics - College of Science - Mansoura University - Scientific Consultant for the unit in the field of examining inanimate substances by electron microscope